Tyler Durden's Faulie

remembering not to forget
You know what? Why this sonofabitch lost?
I'll Tell YOU!

1. No children. Total asshole! He should have fucked Martha without condoms. Really. The more little Tylers in the world -- the better. So, fuck!
2. He revealed himself too sooon.... Stupid Moron.
3. He should have killed the Narrator. Kill him inside you!

Just such a sad story.

And, one more thing.

DEar, Palanick!

Are you afraid of your creation?
Why did you kill him?
You are not Tyler, am I right?
You are a Narrator.

Poor guy. You'd be the First ONe, do you undersand?

Sincerely yours, LIZA77716



We're still fighting. Till the end of the world. You will see us soo soon. All over the world.
We ain't afraid of anything. Fuck the World War III. Fuck the revolutions. Fuck the fuel crysis. Fuck you, dear Chuck! We're in the the game, that is the world. Our aim is not to win, but to play. Till the end.

BY the way, find Martha Stuart and give her your cock. )

@музыка: How far we'll come

@настроение: giggly

2011-11-28 в 10:39 

Гульдан Мульдан
...for de runerne de lyster han å vinne.
That's plane retarded not so good.

2011-11-28 в 11:10 

Гульдан Мульдан
...for de runerne de lyster han å vinne.
Ffffuck, I ain't really sure how it is.


Бложик -- ни крыши, ни ножек